Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The sacred fountain of youth- embodiment of the Goddess within

The Goddess Speaks to those who listen within, those who feel her presence and her gentle nature…

The Goddess is ever-loving, compassionate and nurturing. 

The Goddess is in everything, the sky, the water, the air, the sun and in nature. 

The Goddess holds the Light from the Higher Planes and guides the Light for all. Once we allow our hearts and minds to open to sacred inner Light, she is there. 

The inner Light temple is the key to activate the self, to allow Goddess Light to flow once again. 

When we self nurture and take care of our physical bodies, and when we practice kindness and love towards all living beings, we embody the essence of the Goddess. 

Flowing through the sacred Light of the Inner Temple, there is the Goddess. 

May the roots of the soul of each living being be enlightened by the Love of the Great Goddess, she is present and here and near, she Loves Deeply. 

Oh Great Mother Goddess, allow Divine Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Beauty, Grace, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Clarity of Mind, body and Soul to cleanse and renew all

Hearts and Minds. 

Beloved Goddess of my being, allow and restore. I am Grateful. 

Dear ones, allow this sacred message to inspire and may all beings feel Complete, Divine Unconditional Love once more. May the world be Beautiful in the ever lasting embrace of God and Goddess in divine Union and Embodiment of Balanced Higher Divine Light.  

In Divine Unconditional Love, Beauty and Abundance to all. 

Maria Nesa  

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