Sunday, February 19, 2023

The power of Imagination is the key to Manifesting our Reality

The power of Imagination is the key to Manifesting our Reality that we Seek. The reality the Soul knows, already, here and now. 

Please take a moment in each day of thought and activate the following, as we are peaking into key portal days starting March: 

“I now Ask my Highest Self to Tune my Frequency here and now to the highest state of my being, where all my natural abilities are present and actualized. 

I ask to be fully present in my highest vibratory state of being, to fully manifest my highest self essence in full form and into existence. 

By doing this, I influence, affect and enhance the overall state of being of the those around me and the planet. 

I am Source Conduit Incarnated into this Reality and I am The Highest Vibrational Resonance of this now moment. I set this intent and generate this intent into all of the states of awareness of my being. 

I manifest the highest reality where I Live in the Pure Essence of my Soul. 

And so it is. 


In Love and Joy and Ascensions will, 

Maria Nesa 

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