Tuesday, May 18, 2021

When you Shine, the world Shines!

A special verse came forth today which I would like to share with the world, no matter what your belief. For those who can go within and listen to the inner soul: 

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

And remember... 

In Joy and Light 
Maria Nesa 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Divine Water Blessings for Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Oceans

May the Gift of Life Flourish for all. 

And so it is. 

Dear ones, 

Below are some sacred Light blessing ideas for the waters of planet earth, if you are so guided please assist in this sacred blessing project. 

- Pour 8 oz of pure water in a cup or a

Glass jar (preferably one with a lid

for travel purpose.) 

- Charge with the Element Activator Gen.2 from Light Mandalas.

(You may find the element activator here: https://www.light-mandalas.com/element-activator

- Add three drops of ormus also known as liquid light 


- Place Morganite and Opaque Cintamani or Pearl Cintamani In water. 

- May add Gemstone beads of Aqua Aura, Amethyst,  Green Jade, Lapiz lazuli, Kyanite...

- Think thoughts of Love, Happiness, Joy,  Peace, Healing Light, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity and Purity while activating and working with this water. (One May do a meditation and listen to calm nature music before this water activation to bring the self to a state of complete purity.) 

- Hold cup and say a sacred blessing or prayer out loud, for example: 

I Cleanse, Purify and Activate This water with Divine Light, Joy, Love and may the ripples of this Sacred Water bless and grace all that it touches. 

Purify x3,

Activate Divine Love x3, 

Activate Divine Joy x3,

Activate Divine Light x3. 

And so it is. 

- May visualize pure White and Divine Emerald, Electric Blue/White, Violet and Pink Light Anchoring while saying the blessing. 

- May place water in Rose Quartz, Emerald or amethyst bowl as well while doing the blessing. 

- May charge the water with reiki or reiki heart stones. 

- May Add Blue Lotus Flowers or extract or flower essence.

Note: One may keep the stones within the jar to reuse for later and just charge the water with the stones and use a small dropper bottle to add three drops of water to various areas across the waters. 

In Homeopathy it is believed that when sacred medicine is poured within a body of water it will Dilute And ripple

Throughout the vastness of the larger body of water and so will this blessing. 

A special River Within the USA has Recently been blessed with this Divine Activation of Light: 

The day after the sacred water blessing, the local town activated workers to start cleansing the liners for the towns water pipes for cleaner drinking water. More children started playing in the park near the river and more people came outdoors to enjoy the scenery of the water as if they could feel the sacredness emanating as the light blessing rippled throughout the town. The energy in the town felt lighter and brighter and more people started acting in a more positive way.

Water is powerful and sacred in many ways!  

In Joy and Love 
Maria Nesa 

Anti-Nanite Balm is here now! Clearing Heavy metal Detox and Natural Pain Relief

Anti-Nanite Balm is here Now! 


Below is a wonderful wonderful detox smoothie recipe shared on another blog:  

“This Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie recipe is part of my morning ritual. Having a green smoothie in the morning not only helps alkalize my body but gives me the energy to start my day! Did you know that chlorella and cilantro consumed together act as a heavy metal chelator?

When I was going through laser tattoo removal (that’s a story for another time) I was feeling awful, so when I did some research on the process I found out the laser blasts the ink molecules into tiny particles, and then is removed from your body through your lymphatic system. What?!! I eat so clean but then I’m slowly poisoning myself because of a stupid mistake. I found some cases online of people having heavy metal poisoning symptoms while going through tattoo removal and I had MOST of the symptoms! I started looking at chelation therapy through a naturopath but could not afford the expense, then found out about the magical powers of chlorella and cilantro! 

Clinical studies have shown that heavy metal chelation with chlorella and cilantro can remove an average of 87% lead, 91% of mercury, and 74% aluminum within 42 days!

Cilantro is best used in conjunction with chlorella because it mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places. This can cause retoxificaiton if another binding agent isn’t used to help rid the body of the heavy metals that are ‘found’ in their hiding places throughout the body.

For more information on how this works, click here.

I started drinking this smoothie right away and did so during my entire tattoo removal treatment. I started feeling a lot better after a month and the symptoms disappeared after that. I was able to solve the issue with food, and this experience reminded me just how powerful herbs and superfoods are. I hope this recipe helps you as much as it helped me!

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie
Crystal Bonnet

Cleanse the heavy metals out of your body with this smoothie!


1 cup frozen mango
1 green apple or pear
1 lemon peeled
1 large handful of spinach
1 large handful of kale
1 small handful of cilantro
2 dates pitted
1 thumb of ginger
1 teaspoon of chlorella
2 cups coconut water depending on desired consistency”

Original recipe can be found here: 

And now ...

Recently, I have created a Revolutionary Pain Relief Balm, that will help clear Nanites and negative Plasma from the body. 

The negative plasma and nanites or implants is usually found in many vaccines these days which is usually a direct cause of   physical pain in the body. 

You may find Balance Restore (Revolutionary Pain Relief Balm)  here: 

More detox recipes shared by some great Light-workers recently: 

For Detox from morgellon fibers, which is the main cause of seizures, Parkinson’s and many other neurological disorders on the surface of the planet etc.: 

Take chlorella & Chelation using regular epsom salt bath or Bentonite clay/multani mitti mud pack bath.

And here, how too clear morgellon fibers with this simple recipe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e8v81f7ZJlQ

May all be healthy and restored to wholeness! 

In Love and Light 
Maria Nesa 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Advanced Planetary Earth Grid Inner Meditation

Dear all 

Below is a meditation for Sisterhood of the Rose and Light groups worldwide. 

Please feel free to include this meditation in your daily practice and sisterhood gatherings and please feel free to welcome sisters and brothers to join worldwide: 

***Please note that this is a more advanced meditation for those who have practiced meditation before.

This is an Inner meditation and nothing is Projected outward. Once light anchors throughout the inner universe, so will light flow powerfully in the outer universe. 

1. Connect within, to the mind, heart and inner womb/naval.  Combine these three essences to create a powerful inner connection. Maintain the connection to your inner womb/naval and feel yourself anchoring to the core of the earth sun. 

2. Ask ArchAngel Michael to cut any chords and attachments and release all that no longer serves your highest good and connect to the Galactic Central sun and visualize the rays of the sun flowing and anchoring throughout all points of light, through your body and to the core of the inner earth sun. 

3. Anchor the Violet, Pink Goddess and White Rays of Light within and through all chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, soul star and then ground the light and anchor a Shield of light with in an egg shape or sphere in violet, pink and white rays. . 

4. Connect to the I AM presence of the soul, anchor in seven (or 12)  rays of light from the Higher self through the Soul Star, flowing through all chakras and connecting to the core of the earth sun. See yourself in a powerful stream of light. 

5. Connect with all Ascended Masters, like Saint Germaine, El  Morya, Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, Sananda etc. in the highest plane and their divine counterparts. Then, connect with the Angelic Kingdom and all Arch angels like Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael. 

6. Connect with the Goddesses of Light, Stationed all across the planet on all vortex nulls and nodes. See them creating a vortex of rainbow light at all points of light.  

7. Connect with the spirit animals that bring balance now from the galactic central sun. 

8. Connect with the star light family, like the Sirians and Sirius Rays, Andromedans and Andromedan Rays, Pleiadians and Pleiadian Rays, Arcturians and Arcturian Rays and see pure and unconditional love and light anchoring. 

9. Connect with the Goddess Relay stations within our solar system, that is bringing in pure unconditional love and light, and feel the pure light flowing and Anchoring the rays of light to the core of the planet. 

10. Hold both hands up and call forth each person attending by name and focus on sending light from your higher self to theirs and them then anchoring light from their higher selves to their physical selves. 

11. Focus now on the key locations where everyone is joining from and anchor pure light to their specific countries through the earth light grid. 

12. Now, focus both hands on the physical altar or crystal grid in center and stream light (Keep the connection with the light rays, ascended masters, star families and higher self) and form a circle around the grid, then visualize pure unconditional love and light. 

13. Ask Archangel Michael to cut all chords that no longer serve. Shield with a Violet flame shield of light. 

Notes: (Be reminded constantly of the Violet flame protecting and supporting in a shield of light, constantly flowing from the higher self. In this way so no one gets tired as the light creates powerful and constant assistance for the body.) 

Thank everyone for joining and share gratitude. 

You may find a French translation of this meditation here: 


Friday, February 5, 2021

Goddess Saraswati, Hineini (Here I am) and Root Races on course

Voyage on Planet Earth have been interesting and as we learn, as a humanity and as societies, to connect with our inner wisdom and knowledge, so we rise to higher states. 

To think of one Goddess that Inspires Wisdom and Knowledge, one can think about  Saraswati. Her Divine Songs flow like Wisdom through the ages for many.  

Harmonic tones are set as she embodies simplicity in divine feminine nature that touches all with her sweet embrace. 

Coming forth from the higher planes, anchors the divine codes and flow the radiant songs of the Goddess as she inspires all to be in harmony and balance once again with higher wisdom and knowledge that is obtained within. 

Let us all be inspired by the joyful Wisdom of this Graceful Goddess and let us Embrace our divine Nature as we, as a collective, bring forth new inspirations and guidance from our highest wisdom. 

And so it is. 

Below: Saraswati, Goddess of ‘Vidya’, i.e. knowledge or wisdom. Art by Maria Nesa 

Hineini! — הִנֵּֽנִי (pronounced hee-NAY-nee)  is the joining (as happens in Hebrew)  of two little words:  hineh and ani, meaning here and I.

“Fire and water Dragon gatekeepers are preparing directional gates for harmony and balance via elemental essence, with water and earth crews as one and the fire and air crews as one, coming together and bringing higher wisdom through the four directional gates, combining all higher wisdoms together in a unified sphere, bringing us to a place of simplified Unity and Balance.

Many souls responded to the Higher Calling and are joining together now, to Celebrate the Arrival of the New Rainbow Kingdom, where all is merging as one. 

With the Knowledge and Wisdom of Greater responsibility of the ones who heard the call so comes forth all the vastness and a multitude of Creation Codes, embedded in the form of the Eternal Sun.”-Maria Nesa 

The Five Root Races depicted in art By Maria Nesa below: 

In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Goddess Presence Needed more than ever for USA

Dear ones 

Please continue to anchor Goddess Rays for the USA as the situation with military presence is felt. 

We may focus on harmonizing the situation by anchoring Goddess Rays for Harmony and Balance and to restore the Light Presence of the Goddess. 

Goddess Circles May continue to make use of the flower Mandala presented here to anchor Goddess Rays for USA. 

Thank you. 


You may also gather to create a Goddess Vortex by doing the Goddess Vortex meditation once daily to help Anchor light for the USA grid. 

You can find more information about the Goddess vortex here: 


And you can find a guided meditation here: 


Or here:


In Love and Light 

Maria Nesa

When you Shine, the world Shines!

A special verse came forth today which I would like to share with the world, no matter what your belief. For those who can go within and lis...

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