Hi, my name is Maria Nesa.

I am a Lyran/Pleiadian Starseed, Sacred Priestess, Artist, Wisdom keeper, Earth Guardian, a Queen of the ancients ways (even before the time of Atlantis woman gathered to bring Light and Love to many Planets, earth is now the final planet to be Liberated in the Light of Source, to bring all back to Love and balance), a Multi-Universal messenger of Love, Peace, Wisdom and Joy. I am an Energy Healer, a Mother, a Daughter and a Sister to many. I am a Goddess.

Throughout my entire life there has been signs, serendipity type of events, feelings and experiences, vasts amounts of harmonizing of past life experiences and a deeper calling from within my being. I had a further awakening experience in late 2012, once the Pleiadian portal was activated. It took me a while to get all my thoughts together about my true mission here and why I am in this phase of Galactic events. 

I did allot of dream recall over the past 6 years and have experienced amazing vivid an lucid dreams. Messages and Sacred Activation have streamed through my entire being to act as a conduit of Wisdom and Light for this Planet and Universe. Close attention to details have always been needed for me to fully understand the totality of Goddess work that needs to be done. I have pursued the journey of my life now each day in gratitude and do what I can to anchor Love and Light for the Planet in between to my very busy family life. Being in a space of my Heart and staying Humble as much as I could throughout any experience, has been very rewarding.Working in the Dream-time I have been many places, seen many things and have met with a vast amount of multi dimensional beings on many different planes. A Pure Joy to be One with all that is! 

Throughout my cosmic journeys in the higher realms, one thing I remember very much so is the call sent out to many vast amounts of beings in the multi verse, to come and join us in these moments and to witness the rise in consciousness that so many beings are apart off. One by one they all heard the call of what is to occur on our planet is so sacred, in our region of space and within our solar system, we are the Light in the Sacred Waters. So many are here now to witness the amazing journey of  the ascension of many souls who are ready. 

I have lived through and witnessed many cosmic happenings in my ancient past lives, for Life to flourish and for the the Rays of the Source Light to anchor in full totality. In many different lifetimes for the greater good of all of Life, I have been through vasts amounts of dark night of the soul experiences,which brought me to a state of complete harmony, Peace and Radiant Love, to stream to all around me. Allot of my time on this physical plane, in the past few years, I spent in deep meditation with sacred crystals,sacred breathing works to allow the positive life force energy to flow. I have opened doorway after doorway, portal after portal, within my inner being, have traveled to the edge of the Universe and brought with me a Gift, this gift is the Light of the Christ, the Pure Light of Source. 

I walk on the earth by activating the Golden, Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, Aquamarine, Opalescent Pure White Light and much more, from my Higher Self and have been Anchoring this radiant Light throughout the planet. Each day I wake, I celebrate each Sacred Breath of Life and the Pure Source Light, by anchoring with all the various elements and Rays of the Ascended Masters.

The masters of Divine Will and Love and the Councils of the Light of the Christed hearts, have been in council since I can remember, and have spoken about the plan for earth and all the beautiful souls present now, who hold the keys for Love and Light to stream in Abundance into the portals of Light for the Etheric, Plasma, Mental, Astral and Physical planes. Each one who hold these keys, who has heard the call for their most Sacred inner journey of self, embody Pure Source Light.

I thank you all for being here and for all you do.

It is an Honor to be here and to Serve in the Light, for all of Humanity and all beings of Life.

In Love and Light
Maria Nesa


This blog has been created to assist Humanity in the next phase of the start of this Golden Age of Ascension, for Goddess mystery teachings and remembrance, to Uplift, Empower and to Anchor Love and Light on the Planet in Unity. 

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  1. Love and gratitude for sharing your journey Sister. What a joy to be with you and our entire family of Light at this time!

  2. Gratitude for all you do and are dear Laura. Thank you


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