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Natural organic and alkaline food and drink, some cures for diseases, fluoride free water, water harmonization with the human bio field, blessing food and drink with pure intent, new earth new frequency, new lifestyle habits and awareness of overall health, food, drink, sun, exercise and nature.

I would like to share some very important health information with everyone. One can probably find all this information out there, although I have never seen it all together in one place. 

The information brought forth is years of research and awareness that I am bringing to each one now in one package of informational health data. 

So many people upon the planet, your friends and family included, still believe that there are serious diseases out there that is causing a threat to the human body. Today I would like to talk about preventative methods and how to fully access the healthiest state each day so that no disease can thrive. 

With this basic knowledge you will be able to live and be healthier.

It is very important to start looking into Alkaline foods that will support your immune system, to be super healthy and to help harmonize the cells within your body. Along with this healthy diet is drinking pure alkaline water. If you would visit a mountain, that has been untouched by humans, you would come across a stream of free flowing water and you will be able to measure the water to see that it is pure and alkaline.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg, won the Nobel Prize for cancer discovery. He discovered that no disease can thrive or mutate within cells in any way if the body is in a pure alkaline state.

There are many wonderful recipes out there made with alkaline foods that is pure organic. If you search alkaline foods online you would be able to find a list. There are some great books out there as well. 

Here is what one woman had to say: "I read somewhere that the average person can become alkaline in 3 weeks. Proudly, I boasted  to myself, we’ll conquer this in a week. It didn’t happen!  So, I took out the 25% acid forming foods for a week. We became alkaline. After that, we continued the 75%/25%  vow to health. When the 40 days were over we felt GREAT!"

She shared some great alkaline recipes here: 

Please also share some of your own very favorite alkaline recipes with us. 

There is so much more alkaline food options out there. Make sure you make a good list for your home and family. It is also very important to make sure you read all the labels of the food you buy and make sure it is not genetically modified or even partially genetically modified, no high fructose corn syrup, no soy (98% of soy is gmo), and no harmful ingredients. If you are not sure of an ingredient do not buy the product. The best thing to do is to look out for the non gmo project logo.
You can look out for organic labels as well.

You can also test your drinking water with an alkaline test kit. It is essential to have one of those kits at home to make sure your water is pure and clean. 

Before we eat our food, it is important to bless our food and drink. Why? Simply because we put our positive intent into what we are about to place within our bodies. Positive thoughts and intent has been proven to change molecular levels of whatever is in our bio/Auric field. 

Here is a wonderful video showing how human emotions have an effect on water molecules: 

What is a bio/aura field? This is the auric/ light radius that is around your physical body. It is not visible to the naked eye because so many people are not sure how to tune in to be able to see this. 

An important way to enhance your sight and to be able to see the human bio or auric field, is to make sure your pineal gland is free of toxins. This is a part within your brain where signals are activated that allows you to have extra sight or vision. You could say it is one of the important natural senses. In order to keep your pineal gland pure and healthy, make sure you clear any fluoride products that you may be using such as fluoride toothpaste or fluoride water. Why? Fluoride is a toxic poison that negatively effects ones pineal gland and it has been proven to have negative results over a lifespan of use and is classified as a neurotoxin. 

See Harvard study results here: 

Fluoride is found in almost all city and town water so it is very important to have a fluoride filter or something similar that can eliminate this toxin from your drinking water. 

Many people who are aware of the dangers of fluoride on the human brain and overall health, have asked their city officials to remove this toxin and have been very busy to help raise awareness about this topic, so that all water filtration plants provide cleaner water for all. The problem that usually arise is the money factor. Cities and town officials pay allot of money to keep people quiet about having cleaner water. There is allot of stories about this and the greed and power over health of people is very sad indeed. 

Here is an important article of erin brockovich(famous clean water advocate) who supports this cause: 

It would be amazing if more people can support this cause and to join others in your area who are already standing up for this. It would be great to also start your own cause for this for your local area if no one else has.

We all desperately deserve clean and healthy water for the entire planet. 

One of my favorite new water harvesting ideas which is in harmony with the natural flow of the planet is presented in a workshop here: 

This workshop presents a natural way of providing water for any community and to also get rid of toxic waste naturally.

When you are made aware of a serious disease that a family member or friend might have it is important to get a full physical report from a doctor yes. It is also then important to then see what it is your body requires to be in a healthy balanced state once again and what kind of lifestyle and dietary changes can be implemented.

Recognize what is happening to you energetically as well. Perhaps your body is letting you know it is time to go within and to clear something that no longer serves your highest good. 

Most pharma companies offer medicine that does not fit with the natural harmonic state or well being of our natural bodies and it usually cause many to have to go through extensive detox after prescribed medication was taken. 

If everyone on the planet is able to have natural cures and remedies available to them, which is in harmony with our bodies and which does not cause any harmful after effects, humanity will rise exponentially. No more big pharma who is only after control, money and power and no more strange cases of mysterious deaths. Just clean health for all.

We deserve optimal health and wellness as human beings living on this beautiful planet earth. 

To be continued....

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