Wisdom Teachings from the Heart of the Goddess

The Strength of a Goddess

The Inner Power and Strength, as well as the Perserverance of a women's ability to See and recognize her inner potential, her Beauty, her Light, her Strenght, her Power, her Joy and her Love, in critical conditions around her which shows programming, hurt and suppression of the compassionate heart, is the Tool to help strenghten the heart of humanity, to Rise above that which has hurt so deeply as empathic Soul, within the constraints of "prison like" athmospheres. 
That which was robbed from the true Paradise of Gaia's true Essence, which has created a false matrix of a dumbed down state will dissolve once and for all. 
The intelligence of the Heart surpasses all programming and conflicts, all fear, suppression and pain.
The power of a women is knowing she rises, in the depth of her being as an eternal Flower, Glowing, Growing and always Nurturing, Loving and spreading her joyful wings to activate her true nature. 
When she does this, she expands conciousness in her wake and leaves echoes of energetic synthesis in harmonic frequency and Light of her being, which raises the ability for all to know Love and Peace.

Activate Divine Potential NOW:

I AM the sacred Womb of life

I AM a Goddess who finds Peace and Love in all things

I AM rising above all that which tries to suppress my heart

I AM the courage that whispers when hope seems lost

I AM the one who Speaks to the soul when to remember the Divine Nature of Source


I AM the Mother Goddess in all her GLORY

I AM the Awakened Heart that Beats with Limitness potential

I AM the Seed in the Soil that outgrows all and I reach my Goals as an awakened Living, Breathing Human Being of Peace, Love and Joy

I AM the DOVE of Peace

I AM the Song of Love

I AM that I AM


Written by 
Maria Nesa

Image: Out of Darkness by Janice Von Cronkhite 

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